Fighting Plastic Pollution: What Ghana Must Do As the World Marks the 2018 Earth Day

One of the annihilative ecology challenges on the apple that destroys its accustomed assets at an alarming amount in this 21st Century is artificial pollution. There is a common use of plastics for domestic, automated and bartering activities. It is estimated that every year, on a all-around scale, bodies accomplish over 350 actor bags of artificial waste. It is estimated that one-third of the all-around artificial wastes is from the packaging of products. These plastics are actual difficult to decompose and ends up getting addictive ghosts to the lives of humans. The atomization lifespan of abounding of these plastics ambit from 50 years to 600 years! Unfortunately, abounding of these plastics end up getting actual destructive, antibacterial our rivers, oceans, forests and biological diversities. The bloom after-effects of artificial wastes to beastly and beastly activity cannot be underestimated. The assimilation of burnt artificial wastes causes assorted respiratory diseases that yield abroad several lives at skyrocketing ante than the baleful HIV/AIDS. Direct and aberrant assimilation of artificial pollutants in baptize bodies after-effects in apathetic strangulation, Amoebic Dysentery, Giardiasis and added life-taking diseases. Due to the adverse attributes of artificial pollution, abounding all-embracing bodies, attention agencies and governments are cerebration of advantageous strategies in arresting it.

The bane of artificial abuse is so abundant in developing countries like Ghana. Aside from the locally generated artificial pollutants, Ghana imports over 100, 000 metric bags of artificial articles every year. Abounding of these plastics become annihilative pollutants in the Ghanaian environment. Ghana has to strategize means of arresting the bane of artificial pollution. One way is to sensitize the Ghanaian association of the abrogating bloom implications of plastics through ecology apprenticeship programs. The accumulation media should be tasked by the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation to backpack out artificial abuse sensitization and apprenticeship programs. The government have to cut down the access of artificial products, while banning completely, artificial articles with a top amount of antioxidants. Massive attack on the use of biodegradable abstracts as alternatives to plastics have to be intensified. Aliment processing companies and fast aliment vendors have to be affianced in dialogues to alpha application biodegradable or amoebic bales for their foods. Abundant acquaint can be abstruse from the biodegradable blade plates acclimated in India now. Aliment scientists and engineers have to be assisted through allotment to advance and aftermath acceptable locally bogus biodegradable bales for their foods.

Another innovate way of active artificial abuse in Ghana is to animate the recycling of artificial wastes into aesthetic and accessible products. This would transform the baleful artificial pollutants into bread-and-butter assets for the country. Technological departments in the Ghanaian educational institutions as able-bodied as absorbed companies have to be assisted to appoint in accelerated recycling projects of plastics. Acquaint can be abstruse from the EcoDomum Company in Mexico that engages in the assembly of apartment articles through the recycling of plastics. Artists who appoint in accession art and added avant-garde aesthetic projects application artificial wastes have to be assisted through government funding. In addition, the government of Ghana have to mandatorily acquaint companies that accomplish abounding of the artificial pollutants to acquisition means of recycling their artificial wastes or accident getting out of business. Taxes on the access of accouterment for the recycling of plastics have to be adjourned off or bargain to animate aliment and cooler bearing companies in Ghana to recycle their artificial wastes.

The polluter pay action have to be added through the adopting of the budgetary amends or fines, abnormally for artificial wastes. This would access the airy attributes of government laws on artificial pollution. The Ecology Protection Agency have to apply germ-free inspectors tasked with the albatross of advertisement persons, households or industries that adulterate the ambiance through their artificial wastes and afield actuate their artificial wastes so that they will be prosecuted. The government should set a law as allotment of the ecology laws to arrest and arraign all bodies who indiscriminately bandy artificial wastes assimilate Ghanaian streets, gutters and so forth. The government of Ghana have to coact with the acceptable authorities in the assorted Ghanaian communities and assignment them with the albatross of ambience and administration ecology by-laws to action the artificial abuse annoyance in their corresponding jurisdictions. Some countries are now allotment accurate studies aimed at breeding Genetically Modified Organisms that can decompose plastics at almost faster time spans, aural weeks by agriculture on them. Ghana can anticipate of allotment agnate studies, all aimed at angry the bane of artificial pollution.

This is the time that Ghana have to authority easily with the apple in angry adjoin the artificial abuse canker. The government of Ghana have to abate the access of plastics; advance the use of biodegradable materials, abnormally as bales for products, while allotment projects for recycling artificial wastes and bearing of GMO’s for arresting artificial wastes. Also, the government have to beef up ecology laws and case accompanying to artificial abuse while accumulative ecology apprenticeship on the hazards associated with artificial pollution. These strategies would advice save the Ghanaian environment, save the apple which is the home and the abiding abundance for all biological species.

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